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New to CrossFit

Regardless of your athletic experience or current fitness, CrossFit Eastern Ridge provides everyone an opportunity to learn the basic techniques, movements, warm-up routines, and exercises before joining the regular CrossFit classes.

Step 1
We provide a free introductory session which is designed to help you understand what we do, and why we do it, answer any questions that you may have, and provide your first exposure to what CrossFit is all about. Following the FREE Introductory Session, you will have the ability to register and set up 3 intro sessions with one of our CrossFit trainers.
Step 2
After your free introductory session, enroll in our starter membership:
Fast Track: Sign up for the Fast Track ($175 for 3 1-on-1 sessions plus the first month) or Life Changer Special. ($475 for the first 4 months, includes the 3 1-on-1 sessions)  After registering for Fast Track or the Life-Changer, we will contact you to schedule your 1-on-1 sessions. After the 1-on-1 sessions are complete, athletes may attend classes at either location or elect to take additional Personal Training ($60/hr) sessions.

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